What’s The Ultimate Power in Your Small Business?

Posted on February 5th, 2013 by

We believe that you, your business, has super powers that no other business has. It’s in what you do for your best customers, and it’s in your passion. We believe that focusing on this, and making it the force behind your business, gives deeper meaning to your work and ultimately enables you to experience greater success.

Combining those super powers and your passion creates the Ultimate Power in your business. Once you focus your small business on serving this, clarity begins, and your point of leverage is created.

This may sound a little mystical, and it is, but it’s also the dead certain truth in today’s marketplace. The marketing jungle has evolved for the better, the incredible. And those that understand it and embrace it now, will be in the best position to win. Why? Because what we’re really talking about is marketing strategy, but in a new way.

So, how do we execute? We use a 7 step process that is proven to work for any small business. We use the Duct Tape Marketing System which has been built over 20 years and installed in thousands of small businesses. The first step is strategy BEFORE tactics.

This key element creates a point of leverage for all your marketing, and really all of your business. But nearly every small business skips this step. Businesses focus on tactics: SEO, website, social media, email marketing, but what needs to be done first is define your ideal customer and create a core difference message in the marketplace.

When we focus on strategy first, when we research the marketplace and talk to customers, that is when we are able to discover your unique point of differentiation. The more genuine and powerful that point of differentiation is, the more success you will create. And if we are able to define the Ultimate Power in your business, combining your core difference and your passion, the competition will be left in the dust.

When you harness your ultimate power you get the buzz and the energy, you feel it, others feel it, and your business becomes a magnet for ideal customers. Customers that are willing to pay a premium for your unique ability to help them.

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