Small Business Marketing Integrity

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Marketing has changed, it’s almost the opposite of what it once was.

“The premier provider of <insert your service here>” is dead. Buying ads can be a waste of time and money if done without the right approach.

The great news is… the change is for the amazing! Your small business has more power to create real profits and real happiness for you and your customers than ever before.

So what is marketing now?

“Marketing isn’t advertising, its the product we make, the service we offer, the life we live. And so the question as we go forward is: will you choose this ethical marketing that doesn’t involve yelling at people, networking your way to the top, spamming people, and lying, but instead involves weaving a story and weaving a tribe and weaving a network that means something.” Seth Godin


“Marketing is for those who have a need, to know like and trust you.” John Jantsch

How are you going to be known and liked? How are you going to earn trust?

So… marketing is not a trick, a lie, or a tactic. The act of marketing is delivering the truth about what you do that resonates with others. Focus on that truth and tell your story through your platform. That is marketing now.

If you are brave enough to do this, and let this truth into everything you do, then you will be delivering genuine value. People gravitate toward genuine and valuable things.

From this perspective your marketing tactics and tools will fall in to place. The right tool, and “tactic” will be self evident. And together they will create your platform. Your way of reaching those that will embrace your genuine value.

Your message will not ask for a sale, it will ask those who discover it to take something for free! From that gift they will begin to understand your truth, your power, and how you can help them.

They will begin to trust you.  And you will earn the right to possibly give them more, something better… for something in return.

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