Small Business Internet Marketing: Building a Total Online Presence

Posted on February 26th, 2013 by

So what’s wrong with your internet marketing? Maybe you get some leads here and there, but you feel like there’s much more potential. Chances are that there IS more potential, probably a lot more potential.

But it’s tough out there with so many options: websites, seo, local seo, social media, Adwords PPC, local directories and a zillion other things going on. How do you know what to do and how to do it? How do you know what to do that won’t sap all your time and resources?

Here’s the deal. You need to look at internet marketing as a system. All of the pieces need to be integrated and working together to get the most value. When you do this right, not only will you get more leads from the internet, but your referrals and offline marketing will be that much stronger as well. Sounds good right? It is, and when you have a proven approach and a practical plan, you can make a powerful system that is simple to manage if you commit to a routine.

What it takes is stepping back with a fresh perspective, learning a proven system, then dedicating to the steps to build your system. If you do this, you will find a much more magnetic pull coming from your internet marketing. You will also add to the overall value of your business, and you will enjoy more high quality, high paying leads flowing from your internet marketing efforts. We do this with what we call a Total Online Presence.

What is a Total Online Presence?

A Total Online Presence in some ways should be very familiar to most businesses, yes it incorporates your website, social media, possibly online ads, and more, but it is a totally different approach that practically no one in the small business world is getting right. What’s so different about it?

Think about it, when someone is thinking about making a purchase, they go online to research the subject. They want to find information that informs and helps them make the right decision. They look for trusted sources of educational content before they go looking for a company to hire. This is where most small businesses fail online. They present offers and specials, or they talk about being the premier provider with the best service, but practically no one educates. No one answers the question that your prospect has when making a buying decision.

This is what we do with a Total Online Presence. We build an educational system through a blog or articles that answers these types of questions and gives your prospect great free information about your industry and products. Wait, it’s not that tough, the great news is that this stuff should be created in snack sized chunks that are easy to create, share and read! When you do this prospects will get to know and like your business for providing this information, and you will stand out from everybody else that’s just asking for a call.

And when we have really great information, we can trade that information for a subscription to your email list. This approach helps a prospect to know like and trust you, which is exactly where you want them to be as they get closer to making that purchase decision.

There is much more to building a Total Online Presence, but I hope this helps folks start to understand the power of this comprehensive and educational approach. We’ll be talking about different aspects of this in upcoming posts so stay tuned.

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