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Are You a Small Business Owner Looking for More Customers?

Build a Powerful Total Online Presence, and Put Lead Generation on Autopilot With Us.

Regionalized businesses rely on getting the phone ringing and the door swinging – and if your nearest competitors are bigger than you, you have to work even harder to make that happen. Either that, or you need expert help from a marketing team that specializes in helping launch an effective lead generation plan, boost conversion, and help you grow your business.

Systemadik wrote the book on building a total online presence for locally owned businesses – literally. Check it out on Amazon to see for yourself.

Your success as a small business owner depends on keeping your sales funnel full. The more ideal prospective customers we can attract to your business at the top of the funnel, the more actual sales you’ll make at the bottom.

Tactical Marketing Services We Provide:

We focus on the core tactical services that drive traffic and leads to your website then convert those prospects into customers and calls once they get there. 

 Marketing Activated Website Design & Build

Every business starts somewhere – and whether you’ve held out getting a website as long as possible, or you’ve got one you wish never saw the light of day, we can help. We’ll build you a sophisticated, powerful, optimized website that is robust enough to enable you to compete with the big boys – but also easy enough to use that you’ll never find yourself pulling your hair out because you’re frustrated with it. You’re not just investing in a website – you’re investing in a marketing asset.

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Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The name of the game is getting the right people eager to buy the products and services you sell. The right people are near enough to come in, not across the country. The right people are looking for what you’re selling because they want to buy, not just out there tire kicking. The right people understand the value of what you’re selling and are happy to pay the price you’ve set, not wasting your time trying to haggle you down to where you’re practically giving it away.

Local SEO does all that, and more. It’s all about targeting your marketing efforts to reach the audience you want most. Our local SEO services make it easy for your local customers to find YOU online, because we aim to get your business as close to the top of the local search results page as possible.

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Online Advertising (Google AdWords and Facebook Ads)

Local SEO is about making it easy for searchers to find your business – but what about reaching prospective customers who aren’t already in buying mode. To do that online, you’ve got to interrupt them – in a nice way, of course.

With search engine marketing (SEM) we can grab the attention of your ideal demographic, right where they are. They see your ad, they click, and next thing you know, you’ve got a new customer. Even better, you only pay for the ads that get clicked. This pay per click format is highly effective and economical – if you have an expert helping you.

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Social Media Integration

Half the battle with social media marketing is getting your business profiles set up correctly, then knowing what sort of updates to post in order to engage your prospects and customers.

We can help you get your social media marketing plan going – and even have some tips and tools we’ll share with you to make it a headache-free experience.

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Ever noticed that after you click an ad, you start seeing that product, service, or business everywhere you go online? That’s retargeting – and it’s a brilliant way to combine the power of online advertising and social media marketing.

It can take a dozen exposures to your business before a shopper becomes a buyer. Retargeting can make that happen, automatically.

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Copywriting & Content Development

There is no better way to get more customers for your business than to grow them yourself – and that’s what happens when you use content marketing to educate, inform, and inspire prospects. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Content is the bridge that takes these prospective customers from being highly skeptical to becoming completely sold on the idea of doing business with you.

Quality content informs and subtly persuades your prospects to hang around a while and learn why you’re their absolute best choice. You can use content marketing to answer common questions, shorten your sales cycle, build the kind of connection with your community and customers that results in new customers becoming your biggest fans and source of referrals. Whether you need website content, blogging, press releases, or any other form of content, we can help you get it – from US-based writers, and without ever having to write a single word yourself.

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Our goal is to activate effective digital marketing in a way that fits your budget and needs.  You focus on what you do best; we focus on what we do best.

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