What is Duct Tape Marketing?

And What is a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant?

Tjohn-jantscho understand what Duct Tape Marketing is, you have to get to know John Jantsch just a little. John is the marketing “guru” who wrote the best selling book “Duct Tape Marketing” and has committed his life to the cause of small business marketing.

From his experiences, failures, and successes as a small business marketing consultant, John has distilled a proven process for small business marketing success.

In 2006 John established the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network of which we are a certified member. The network now has over 100 small business marketing consultants across the globe who share the methodology, ideas and resources.

We at Systemadik implement the Duct Tape Marketing System in a totally custom manner for every client we engage with. Every business is different so we tailor our offerings to best meet your needs and leverage all of our time and efforts as efficiently as possible. Some businesses need just a small tweak to their messaging, others need to refocus and completely change their offerings. We can help with both equally as well.

No matter what we do though, the core strategic focus and process behind Duct Tape Marketing is evident in everything we do.

So How Does Duct Tape Marketing Help Our Clients?

The Duct Tape Marketing system gives us and our clients a powerful strategic advantage. We have a proven framework and marketing methodology that works for any small business. We have everything from online marketing courses and updated training to high end software and tools all the way to our most valuable weapon which is the network itself. So not only do you get our 20 years of experience behind you, but you also get the experience, tools and wisdom of the most powerful global network of small business marketing consultants on the planet.

Learn more about Duct Tape Marketing on their website.


We are the only Certified Duct Tape marketing consultants in the Sacramento Region as well as carrying the designation of Total Online Presence Expert.